Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Mike & The Mad Max Show?

In what may ultimately end up being the best Italian-Jewish alliance since Bruce Springsteen added Max Weinberg to the E Street Band in 1974, rumors continue to swirl that Mike Francesa and Max Kellerman are planning on joining their considerable forces.

If true, this one could go either way. It could be a complete and utter train wreck (let's face it, both of these guys have tremendous egos), or it could prove to be a very interesting, insightful, and must-watch pairing.

Max is a big-time believer in all things saber (Mike, not so much). Max knows most of the minor league players in the Yankees system (Mike has heard of Austin Jackson). On the other hand, say what you want about Mike, but one does not become the top NYC sports radio voice (and stay on top for over 20 years) without a considerable amount of talent. A Francesa/Kellerman show could be a fascinating listen.


Anonymous said...

It will never happen. Mike sucks alone, but his ego is too big to share a mic with Max.

Anonymous said...

They should move Boomer & Carton to the 1pm slot and put Mike on in the morning.