Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some Thoughts - 8/24/08

A bit of a sloppy game today, but at this point in the season, a win is a win. Thank God for Mariano Rivera. Just watching him on the mound relaxes me. We're really going to miss him someday. Hopefully, that day is a long way away.

Carl Pavano has started 20 games for the Yankees. His contract is approximately 4o million. So, as of today, he's earned 2 million per start. Pretty cool, huh.

More Pavano numbers: He's earned $6,666,666.66 per win (scary), $343,938.09 per inning pitched, and $114, 646.03 per out.

I listened to a good part of this series in the car. John Sterling sure misses a lot of home run calls, doesn't he. I realize that's never been his forte, but he really seems to be getting worse. Nonetheless, I still love Big John.

Speaking of announcers, I watched the streaming video of the Men's Gold Medal Basketball game this morning at 2:30 (on my laptop). The video contained sound, but no announcers. It was very interesting. Years back, NBC broadcasted a Jets-Dolphins game with only sound and graphics. Last night (rather, early this morning) reminded me of that game.

Does anyone ever read Phil Mushnick in the Sunday New York Post? He always shows two people that "supposedly" look alike. Maybe it's just me, but they never look anything like one another. Today he had Johan Santana and Sinbad. Do they look alike?

Speaking of look-a-likes. The woman below looks very familiar. Can anyone help me out? Who is she?


Anonymous said...

Kim Jones!

Anonymous said...

Kim is a joisy girl!

Sinbad and Santana. I think i see it in the eyes maybe.

Pete "Music" Sayek said...

The Dinosaur Jaw gave her away! That's none other than Li'l Kim Jones.

Listening to Sterling work the Sunday afternoon game on the way back from Baltimore made me want to put my fist through the radio. I ended up going with the Orioles call on XM. God, he;s terrible.

Joe said...


Sterling seemed to be especially bad this weekend.

I love that Kim Jones picture. I bet she went through lots of hairspray!

The Sports Fanatics said...

I want more Kim Jones pictures! How did you get your hands on that pic?

Joe said...


Awesome. One small step at a time.

Joe said...

The Sports Fanatics,

I don't think journalists are supposed to reveal their sources.

I noticed you attend WestConn. I'm not too far from there. I have a Northern Fairfield County-related post in the works!

Bob Wehadababyitsaboy said...

With the death of the Yankees' season, will the death of this site be too far behind? We can only hope so.

Joe said...


Our site is targeted to the more intelligent reader. People amused by Geico commercials don't really fit our demographic.

Frank said...

I think it was a 1-800-COLLECT commercial.

That's even trashier.

Mame said...

OMG - the hair. The hair, The hair.

Good find, Joe!