Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some Thoughts

I really like Robinson Cano. He has a sweet stroke, is young and tremendously talented (both offensively and defensively), but sometimes he really makes me scratch my head. His Chuck Knoblaugh impersonation in the 2nd inning of last night's game almost made me put my fist through the television. In addition, a player with his hitting ability should never have a .300 on base percentage.

Tommy Hunter reminds me of Andrew Giuliani.

After years of watching Jorge Posada, it was great to see a Yankees catcher actually block home plate last night. Jorge should try it some time.

Frankie Catalanatto would be the perfect type of player for the Yankees.

The Rays are not a fluke, but they will hit a rough stretch before this month is over. Mark my words.

In many ways 2008 is a transition year for the Yankees, and their current starting staff does kind of remind me of some of their starting staffs in the 80's. With that being said, the Yankees will make a real run at this thing (the WHOLE thing) this year. I just have a feeling.

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Anonymous said...

Come on, Jorge would have blocked the plate. He wouldn't have held on and probably would have to be carried off the field . Later he would have shunned Abreu for throwing the ball too "perfect" or something but he would have blocked the plate.

Frank C was always a guy I thought they should have gotten. He always looks good at The Stadium. Stony Brook native isn't he?

Jets were going nowhere with Chad. He's got a lot of heart and is a smart player but his shoulder was just too damaged to get the job done.
Bronx Jeers