Friday, August 15, 2008

Some Thoughts

Granted, Robinson Cano's play (and according to some, his attitude) this year leaves a lot to be desired, however, last offseason would have been the ideal time to trade him, not this offseason. The same goes for Melky Cabrera. Buy low, sell high. It's not rocket science.

Hank Steinbrenner should not be talking about next year (unless, he's using reverse psychology with the players). It sends a very bad message. I can't get mad at Hank, though. He's a funny and cuddly goofball, and with all his ranting and raving, it's not like he ever does anything rash or crazy (like firing the manager 16 games into the season). In fact, the more we learn about the Steinbrenner brothers, the more it seems as if Hal is the one with the most influence.

Brian Stokes pitched 4 shutout innings for the Mets the other night. Despite the fact that he entered the game with a 10-0 lead, he was awarded a save. I know it's within the rules, but how dumb is that? Wow! I just realized that this is something that Bob Raissman would write. Pretty scary.

Speaking of Bob Raissman. He's one of the few sportswriters who still uses the word, jive.

Getting back to Hank and Hal. Hank reminds me of the gruff (but lovable) guy who worked at the front desk on E.R. As for Hal, doesn't he look a little bit like Tom Cruise?

Mike & the Mad Dog were certainly annoying at times, with that being said, today is a sad day in the world of New York sports. Despite it's flaws, The Mike & the Mad Dog show was an institution that helped shape sports talk radio nationwide. During the Yankees 1996 championship run (among many other times), their show was a must listen.

Here's one of Chris's finer moments.

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