Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some Thoughts

A very depressing first game against the Blue Jays. It's too bad Rasner wasn't able to get a win. Burnett's stuff is electric, it's amazing that he doesn't have more success in his non-Yankee starts.

My four year old daughter named her doll, Kim Jones. Is it possible that I watch too many Yankee games?

A quick confession. Sometimes when I'm typing (and looking at the screen) I hear Doogie Howser music in my head.

Competing in the Steeplechase must be very annoying. By the time you're finished with your race, your sneakers and socks are all wet.

This is totally coming from my heart, but I think the Jets can be really dangerous this year.

Speaking of the Jets, Eric Mangini has gotten lots of the attention, but in my opinion, the Jets also have a real good one in Mike Tannenbaum.

Bruce Springsteen is rumored to be playing the half time show at this year's Super Bowl. If the rumor is true, then it would only be fitting if a Jersey based team played in the game.

In recent days, I've heard numerous people (Al Leiter, Mike Francesa, etc...) say that Pudge Rodriguez is a borderline Hall of Famer. What do you think?

I found out today that my wife listens to (and enjoys) Craig Carton every morning. I think Carton can be amusing at times, but he strikes me as a little sleazy. Not the good kind of sleazy (think Angelina Jolie) either. I'm not exactly sure why I feel this way about Carton. I guess it's just one of those gut feelings, or maybe it's only because he hates the Yankees.

Speaking of my wife, we have tickets for the last two regular season home games at Yankee Stadium. I would like to go to the games, but my wife wants me to sell the tickets and make some money. I guess we're at an impasse. What would you do?

I was at a pig roast recently in eastern Connecticut. This particular part of Connecticut is evenly split between Yankee fans and Red Sox fans. There were lots of kids there that day, and I noticed two things. Number one, all the well behaved kids were the Yankee fans, while all the poorly behaved future juvenile delinquents were Red Sox fans. I found that very interesting. Number two, all the kids who were Red Sox fans had red hair and freckles. I'm not talking about one or two kids either. There were like 15-20 red haired, freckled, future juvenile delinquent Red Sox fans at the pig roast. Anyway, it reminded me of this hysterical video.


Anonymous said...

Great South Park episode!!

Regarding your tix. It depends what you can make on them.

Carton is a d.....

teknetic said...

Man, this blog is AWESOME!

You have to figure out some way to charge people for it - you're very talented!

Joe said...

Thanks, teknetic.

Keep coming back, lots of good stuff is in the works.

Joe said...

Obviously, I considered the possibility that teknetic was being sarcastic (especially, with the name, teknetic), however, when someone compliments you, they should always be given the benefit of the doubt.

Here at CBLL headquarters, we believe in manners.